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A Range of Uniquely Certified, Compliant and Complete Solutions


UK Factories




Sq. Ft. Manufacturing Footprint


Doorsets Manufactured in 2022

We are leading the UK's Door & Hardware manufacturing space.

Our unique approach and proprietary suiting software allows us to schedule a global package of Performance Doorsets and Architectural Ironmongery using a single database. The result is a centralised platform from which specification, certification, procurement, manufacture and delivery can be dynamically managed.



DorSuite Solution vs Standardisation

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Under 'Secured by Design' License, the Hall & Tawse Collection encompasses a comprehensive range of door and screen assemblies, all of which have been tested against current British and European standards and supplied to Local Authorities and other Registered Social Landlords.

Hall & Tawse Collection
by DorSuite

  1. Aberdeen Factory & Office​

  2. Glasgow Head Office & Factory

  3. North Wales Office & Factory

  4. Nottingham Office

Nationwide Coverage

With a highly developed supply chain, state of the art manufacturing and research facilities, DorSuite operates across the entire United Kingdom.

This allows us to work closely with our partners throughout the entire project.

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