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Each solution comes to your project certified, compliant, and comprehensively tailored to your specification.

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NFR, FD30 & FD60 doors with completely customisable finish and configuration options.


Similar design scope as Design Suite with enhanced acoustic performance to 34dB & 40+dB.


Protecting people with anti-finger trap, anti-ligature and other protective measures.


PVC impact protection to enhance the life of the door in high traffic areas.


Extended performance fire rated doors.

The DorSuite Solution

The DorSuite range of solutions is the perfect blend of standardised features and elements with the flexibility of bespoke customisation.  It allows you to specify a solution with standardised features and elements that already has the correct certification, has been designed to be compatible to guidance, has reduced lead times because material can be stocked and can have accurate environmental impact calculations.  It achieves this whilst performing like a bespoke door able to vary sizes, select different finishes and apply various functions to achieve the desired look and functionality.

It comprehensively combines the advantages of both a standard and bespoke door in one unique solution. 

Each DorSuite is a suite of standardised features, functions and elements blended into a single solution and adheres to three guiding principles.

  1. Certified – It is tested and certified to fire, security, and other building safety regulations.

  2. Compliant – It is designed according to guidance and recommendations for access and environmental requirements.

  3. Complete – It’s a completely integrated solution including ironmongery and other features such as automation and access control.

This is possible due to DorSuite’s Vision to provides a solution that genuinely combines the advantage of a standard door with the flexibility of a bespoke solution.  This has come about through years of testing doors and developing a unique scheduling and operating system.

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