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Elevating Fire Safety Standards with Bespoke Integrated Doorsets

Over the last 30 years, the architectural landscape has witnessed a notable shift in door installation practices. There has been a discernible move from traditional methods, where joiners prepare and hang door leaves in frames on site (door assemblies) towards complete doorsets, manufactured off-site utilising advanced CNC machinery pre-assembled in 3rd party audited factories. This transformation underscores a fundamental evolution in construction methodology, emphasising efficiency, precision, and the pursuit of solutions for modern architectural challenges.


This is where we get to the subject of this post: integrated doorsets. They are widely accepted as a complete doorset in the sense that everything is supplied together (and potentially could be UKCA/CE marked once a designated, harmonised standard is in place). Many door manufacturers have teamed up with architectural ironmongers to provide this service. It helps tremendously as it ‘integrates’ these two areas of expertise, reduces conflict of interest (door suppliers and ironmongers can often be in competition and struggles arise when their interests clash over responsibility for fire safety compliance) and as a spin off the contractor only has one supplier to work with.

In practice, however, we find nothing is changed. It’s great to have one supplier heading everything up but there’s still the same round of meetings with the door guy and then another round with the ironmonger. There is still the two separate schedules and every change that’s made requires laborious ‘syncing’ of these schedules. Generally, the door scheduling is done first and when the ironmonger comes along a whole host of changes are required because of the impact of ironmongery functionality that the door manufacturer is not aware of. And so it goes on.

‘'In the realm of building safety, fire prevention stands as a paramount concern. As projects evolve with complex architectural designs, the demand for advanced safety solutions becomes increasingly vital. In this pursuit, bespoke integrated doorset offer a holistic approach to fire safety within structures.’

Andrew Hutchinson, Head of Technical Services, UKTC


So, what is the alternative? Simple really. Suite it all together. Right at the start.


By suite we mean taking selected elements and designing them together for compatibility. The “suiting process” ensures the door and ironmongery scheduling are co-ordinated, offering a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates fire safety features and functionality. These solutions are fully systemised and produced in our fully audited manufacturing facilities, ensuring regulatory standards and compliance. These pre-defined suites then form the basis of your project solutions where our team of experts assign the correct solution to meet your specific doorset requirements. These can then be further tailored to suit your desired project aesthetics and adjusted to meet the precise size requirements of the project. 


This way any changes automatically sync across all aspects of the doorset. It doesn’t matter then how you want it to come to site, flat packed, fully assembled, ironmongery delivered separately. The choice is yours – It can be because it’s a true doorset.


We call this a DorSuite – it is the design for compatibility of not only all the components but the entire process to specify, manufacture and deliver a doorset.



Compliance Simplified Through 'suiting'


Navigating the labyrinth of fire safety regulations can be daunting. The DorSuite suited doorset offers a straightforward path to compliance. Our meticulously crafted systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure seamless integration of all key components, by incorporating essential ironmongery—closers, hinges, locks, and more—a DorSuite doorset offers optimal performance and regulatory adherence.


Beyond Compliance: Elevating Safety and Performance


DorSuite doorsets signify an investment in enhanced safety and performance. Our holistic approach optimises every facet of the doorset, from ironmongery to casing, enhancing functionality, aesthetics, and compliance. This comprehensive solution instils peace of mind, assuring stakeholders that their building is equipped with reliable fire safety solutions. 


Streamlined Certification Process


Opting for a door suite streamlines the certification process significantly. Unlike sourcing individual components, each necessitating separate certification assessments, our solutions have undergone all relevant testing and compliance checking, ensuring the compatibility of our solutions as a unified system. This translates to substantial time and resource savings for architects and builders, who can confidently rely on the compliance of the entire door suite.  


Enhanced Efficiency


The pre-integration of ironmongery within DorSuite solutions mitigates the risk of errors during installation. This eliminates the need for on-site adjustments that could compromise fire safety performance and prolong project timelines. Moreover, with all components pre-selected for optimal compatibility, installation becomes swifter and smoother, ensuring efficient project execution. With standardised components, the management of fire safety becomes more efficient and cost-effective. 



Curious about DorSuite?


Don't hesitate to reach out to the DorSuite team. We're here to help!


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