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SecuraTherm: An Evolution in Innovation

A Timber doorset with energy at it's core, SecuraTherm is a game-changer in energy efficiency. With its 47% greater energy performance than traditional doorsets, it’s the perfect addition to any modern, eco-conscious home. Our patent pending insulation system and timber construction make the doorset unique, reducing heat loss and keeping a comfortable indoor climate.


Fire Resistance

 Tested under the most onerous conditions, each configuration provides excellent fire performance, with an average 50% overrun on a 30 minute test requirements.

Smoke Resistance

Securatherm prevents the combined spread of fire and smoke at the same time,  and has been tested to BS EN1634-3 as a complete assembly with excellent results

Weather Resistance

Regardless of the weather, rain, hail, sleet, sun or shine - SecuraTherm has been tested to rigorous weather performance standards.


The Energy Efficient Option

Front Entrance Doors will need to be upgraded to a greater energy-efficient option as legislation changes. SecuraTherm provides assurance to asset managers, tenants and leaseholders. 

Its energy performance makes a real contribution to increasing sustainable living places and helps us make our planet a greener space whilst securing brighter futures.​

​At a time when energy costs are skyrocketing, SecuraTherm helps combat the impact of cost of living. As a result of installing SecuraTherm, you can see savings of £77.22* on household energy bills every year.

Care to reduce our carbon footprint?

Environmentally conscious landlords are choosing timber doorsets because they ensure safe living and sustainable investments. SecuraTherm is such a timber doorset which is a natural material construction with a low embodied carbon. Energy consumption will be reduced significantly when you invest in SecuraTherm. The reduction of energy consumption translates into a reduction of carbon footprint. SecuraTherm reduces carbon footprint by 47%** This carbon reduction will have a huge and real positive impact on our local and wider communities  


At DorSuite, we believe sustainability and savings should go hand in hand. By using timber construction, a natural material with a low embodied carbon, makes it an eco-friendly option. It is also lightweight, making it easy to install and reducing its environmental impact.


Safety and Security at the heart of everything.

Everyone’s safety is our top priority. That’s why we’ve meticulously designed the Securatherm Doorset with cutting-edge security features. It has passed rigorous testing to achieve Secure By Design accreditation to PAS24 (BS6375-2, BS6375-3) and PAS23.

You can give tenants and leaseholders the assurance that they are safe from security attack through this rigorous testing undertaken to SecuraTherm. 


Find out more about SecuraTherm

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