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Welcome Helen Wilkes, DorSuite's New HR Manager!

At DorSuite, we're all about crafting high-performance timber doors. But those doors wouldn't be possible without the amazing people behind them. That's why we're thrilled to announce we're investing even more in our HR team with the addition of Helen Wilkes as our new HR Manager!

We sat down with Helen to chat about her journey, her HR philosophy, and what excites her most about joining the DorSuite family. Let's get to know her better!


1. Welcome to the team, Helen! Can you tell us a bit about your career journey so far?

I accidentally found my career in HR in my late 20s. I joined a car manufacturing organization as an HR Administrator, went to college at night to earn my CIPD qualification, and was promoted twice in 5 years. I have worked in retail, education & care sectors in various HR Roles, finding myself back here in manufacturing where it started, but now at DorSuite.


2. How have your first few weeks at DorSuite been?

The first few weeks have been busy. Meeting new people, learning their names and visiting places I have never been before (first time I have been to Wales). I never knew how much work actually went into making a door! I have built some great relationships with colleagues already and hope to keep that going by visiting other sites & meeting more lovely people.


3. What are your core HR values, and how do you see them translating into practical initiatives for DorSuite's employees?

Respect is a huge thing for me, and finding it as a core value here at DorSuite was a major reason I jumped on board! It just feels right. Fairness too – every HR policy should be about the people it affects. Treating everyone with respect goes a long way in building strong, professional relationships where we can all thrive. But it's not a one-way street! Empathy is key as well. DorSuite wouldn't be growing like this without our amazing team, and I want to be there to listen, support, and champion their ideas. Forget the 'scary HR lady' stereotype – I'm part of the DorSuite family, and my door (and inbox) is always open if anyone needs a sounding board.


4. DorSuite is a company built on a strong foundation of craftsmanship and a commitment to its employees. Beyond the day-to-day aspects of the HR role, what are you most excited to explore and contribute to within the wider DorSuite family?

As DorSuite keeps growing, what we offer our colleagues needs to grow too! I'm itching to implement some big wins for everyone here. Working closely with everyone to create a truly comprehensive employee benefits package – that's what gets me excited! We'll be talking recognition, rewards, the whole shebang! My goal? To make DorSuite an even better place to work, a place where everyone feels valued and appreciated.


5. What specifically drew you to DorSuite, and how do you see your values aligning with the company's mission?

As mentioned before, respect for my colleagues and everyone around me is at the heart of everything I do. I'm always the first to lend a hand and offer to volunteer (it is one of my biggest strengths & weaknesses!). Without that collaborative spirit, how can we deliver the best service to our customers? It's all about working together, and that's exactly what I see at DorSuite.


6. A healthy work-life balance is important to us at DorSuite. So, tell us, when you're not strategizing about people and programs, how do you unwind and recharge in your free time?

I'm super close to my parents and siblings. In fact, we've got a big family holiday coming up soon – can't wait! And travel is another passion. Dubai's next on my list, but I'm always open to suggestions. Now, you might find this a little strange, but when I need to unwind, I reach for some true crime! Podcasts, books, shows – the whole deal. Don't judge! For some it's stressful, but for me, it's pure escapism. Plus, it's a good reminder not to sweat the small stuff.


We at DorSuite are thrilled to welcome Helen to the team. With her experience, passion, and dedication, we know she'll play a vital role in making DorSuite an even stronger, more rewarding place to work for everyone.


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