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Brighton College Performing Arts Centre





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DorSuite, is proud to showcase its contribution to the recently completed Brighton College Performing Arts Centre. This transformative £24 million project establishes a dedicated space for artistic expression, fostering creativity and community within the prestigious educational institution. Expertly crafted DorSuite doors grace the building, providing a sophisticated backdrop for artistic pursuits.


The Brief

Brighton College embarked on an ambitious project to develop a state-of-the-art performing arts center. The vision called for a multifunctional 400-seat theatre, dedicated dance and drama studios, classrooms for English and Drama, and a social gathering space.  KRFT, the competition-winning architects, and NHA, the lead architects from stage 4 onwards, meticulously planned the building to cultivate a vibrant hub for artistic exploration.


The Solution

The project presented several opportunities for DorSuite to demonstrate its strengths in flexibility and exceeding expectations. Our team collaborated closely to develop an alternative screen design with rebated sections that met both aesthetic and functional requirements. This solution-oriented approach, requiring multiple iterations and open communication, exemplifies DorSuite's commitment to working in partnership with architects to achieve the best possible outcome.


Bespoke Manufacturing: 

DorSuite's expertise in bespoke manufacturing came into play with the sheer variety of door and screen requirements.  The project encompassed approximately 40 unique profiles.  Sourcing Rift Cut timber, a unique material unfamiliar to our initial supplier, presented an additional challenge. DorSuite's agility and established network ensured this hurdle was overcome, with the timber procured and inspected before arriving at our production facility.


A Blend of Beauty and Functionality: 

The ironmongery throughout the project reflects DorSuite's ability to deliver a combination of aesthetics and functionality.  Bespoke, powder-coated bronze finishes complemented the design, alongside standard stainless steel options. The doorsets themselves showcased this variety, featuring American black walnut, European Rift cut timber, and various finishes including veneers, laminates, painted surfaces, and even dual-faced options. DorSuite also incorporated high acoustic doorsets and screens with double-glazed units, ensuring superior sound control within the performance spaces.


The DorSuite Team:

A dedicated team of specialists at DorSuite oversaw the design, manufacturing, and logistical complexities of this project. Their expertise in navigating challenges, coupled with a commitment to open collaboration, ensured the successful delivery of doors and screens that exceeded expectations.

Craig Higgins

Project Manager

Graham Borthwick

Specification Design

Walid Zrafi

Specification Design

Project Gallery

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